Dangers Of Free Range

Mary's 1894 Diary, prior diary are thought to be destroyed in a house fire they had on the homestead.
Mary’s 1894 Diary, prior diaries are thought to have been destroyed a house fire they had on the homestead.


January 1, 1894

Cold wind and snow.  George* went to…(not decipherable) Maggies.**  Bettie Pope and Dick Libbie were Married.

*George is Mary’s 11 year old son.

** Maggie is her 39 year old widowed sister.


January 1, 2017

Cold wind and snow.  Last night’s low was 21, today’s high 25.  A coyote killed a black and white lamb between the curve of the driveway & the basketball hoop and drug it under the fence up against the hill today.  So much for human presence as a deterrent.  Drag marks in the fresh snow caught our eye.  It ate out the guts.  Jackie & Tinkerbell, the grandkids bummer lambs (bottle lambs) are safe.  Dangers of free range. 


B.V. from Sheep Mt.

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