New Calves Born Daily, Life Continues

January 18, 1894

Pleasant day.

January 18, 2017

Cold dreary day. Spit rain and snow with a strong wind.
Mike and Rikki fed cattle. Dad worked on paperwork. Mom cleaned the pantry.
Mike found where a coyote had killed a beautiful black ewe leaving two orphan lambs. The kill this time was next to the camp trailer not far from the pen. Typical coyote kill to the throat, intestines eaten out.
Hopefully, the lambs are large enough to maintain on their own. Feeling sad.

January 19, 1894

Miserable cold day with heavy south wind.

January 19, 2017

The morning started out crisp, but warmed into a beautiful day.
Mike fed the cattle and checked water. Wes worked on paperwork in the morning. Drove to Yreka in the afternoon. Home after dark. Found the sheep and penned them for the night. All sheep with bells accounted for…including Tinkerbell and Jacky.

January 20, 1894

Cold windy day. Received letters from Maudie* and Miss Fitzsimmons.
*Likely 13 year old daughter.

Maude Truax 1897

January 20, 2017

Cold January day.
Dad fed cattle and checked the stock water. New calves born daily. We have a new president today. Made cream of chicken soup for dinner.


January 21, 1894

Warm and cloudy Stella was sick. In bed most the day.

January 21, 2017

Dreary, cold day.
Dad fed the cattle, checked water, and put out salt. Drove to Klamath Falls today to watch kids play Y basketball. Attended the Firemen’s Crab Feed in Dorris.

January 22, 1894

Lovly winter day. Stella is better.

January 22, 2017

The wind blew fiercely all night. Awoke to about 4 inches of snow this morning.
Mom made donuts, scrambled eggs, and bacon for breakfast. Dad fed the cattle and loaded hay for tomorrow. Shoveled the deck and sidewalk.
The day warmed into the high 30s. Some of the snow melted.

January 23, 1894

Warm and pleasant some fog. Received letters from Andrew, Maudie and Margurita*.
* Husband and likely 13 year old and 9 year old daughters.

Margaret Truax 1897

January 23, 2017

Today was warm and sunny after a low of 14 degrees.
Mike fed cows and checked to see if cows were calving.
Dad and Mom made homemade venison sausage. It was an all day/night project…cutting the deer meat, and hog fat into small pieces, seasoning the meat to perfection, grinding the meat into sausage. Then grinding it a second time and stuffing it into the casings. The 25 lbs. of sausage is now smoking in the smoker and in the Traeger. The sausage needs to smoke for at least 5 hours and reach an internal temperature of 152 degrees F. It is a slow process, but the finished product is worth the wait. Delicious!

January 24, 1894

Warm and cloudy.
Will went to Montague. Stella has been very sick all night & all day.

January 24, 2017



January 25, 1894

Gloomy day fog in forenoon. Mrs. Ed. Hart* visited all day with Stella and I. Stella is some better.
*Wife of Edwin Hart. His father was killed in Civil War while serving under General Grant. Being left alone his mother Louisa Miller Hart came to Little Shasta via the Panama to live with her brothers John & George Miller. To read more on Miller/Hart history see The Siskiyou Pioneer 1963 page 27.

January 25, 2017

Mike and Rikki fed cattle today. Dad and Mom met with the fencing company. They plan to put up a new yard fence to replace the one wore down by cattle & horses leaning over it for green grass during the summers.

January 26, 1894

Lovly day just like spring. Stella is no better. Will sent for Andrew.

January 26, 2017

Bright, sunny day.
Dad fed cattle. Mom did house work.
It is still cold with a couple of inches of frozen snow.
Dad and Mom drove to Hatfield this afternoon to pick up potatoes for friends in McCloud
who help us out in the fall with cattle sighting tips.

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