Mt. Shasta Wild is a “range to table”, family operation offering wild foraged and finished primal meat that surpasses grassfed beef since the late 1860s.

Mt. Shasta Wild cattle are allowed to forage thousands of acres of diverse plant species, not just a mixture of pasture grasses.  As soon as the snow melts, the cattle migrate to the base of Mt. Shasta for the summer with little assistance and then naturally migrate back to the historic homestead for the winter.  During the summer they drink Mt. Shasta’s glacial water run off and in the winter they drink well water that has been filter through ancient lava rock from Mt. Shasta’s eruption.

Mt. Shasta Wild does not use artificial methods to stimulate growth or prevent disease.  No exposure to hormones, antibiotics, chemical dewormer or vaccinations make our wild fed primal beef safer and more natural than organic, especially industrial organic products.  We are able to accomplished this because the cattle herd is small compared to the expansive acreage they graze; we average 1 cow/calf pair per 180 acres.

To learn more about wild beef and how we are able to raise happy, healthy, affordable, quality beef without artificial inputs click on the Wild Beef tab.