Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!
We pride ourselves in using scientific knowledge with the wise traditions our family used generations before us. When our family started raising cattle there was not anything but holistic organic practices.

We are lucky that the recent generations resisted “progress and industrialization” (we still laugh about the time the historical society came by and asked us to donate items to the museum and dad said sure, as soon as we are done using them). All kidding aside, there were times it was tough and we were (maybe still are) thought of as a backwards operation. We resisted the switch to Angus, knowing our thrifty cows could do well on the range without added inputs, knew the country, how to take care of themselves, calve without assistance, were protective, and nurturing mothers. I remember when the growth hormone implanting kit came in the mail. We had sent for after listening to the neighbors go on and on about how great it was at increasing gains and profits. I remember dad looking at it and saying how it did not feel right and he would not want to eat that beef. I was young then not even out of school. I was so happy when he sent it back unused.
Many of us want to care for our bodies, our families, our community. The challenge is to consider how our individual choices impact the whole world. Each of us needs to remember to look at the big picture and consider how every choice: from where we choose to live, to the clothing we buy, to the food we eat can move us closer to our goals and help the earth at the same time.
Make choices that go “beyond an organic label” for better health and a better world!
Thank you,
Mt. Shasta Wild LLC
Wild Foraged Beef At The Base Of Mt. Shasta