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Meat is cut and wrapped locally in Siskiyou County.

The butchery is Certified Organic, Animal Welfare Approved and USDA inspected. It features pens based on designs by Temple Grandin, the nation’s premier humane handling expert.


They use old-fashioned butchery methods to prepare our meat—by hand, not machine.


Pricing is based on the amount of meat that goes on your freezer and not on the hanging* weight.  Average quarter weighs 100lbs = $850 a quarter cash or check. This equates to about 2lbs of Beef a week for a year at the cost of less than $16 a week.

  We also offer 50 and 25 pound boxes of assorted steaks, roasts, ground beef and hotdogs.  50lbs = $440  25lbs = $225
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 email: info@mtshastawild.com to set up purchase time or use Contact Page
Buy Wild Foraged Meats Online Now click here
Price includes free delivery to pickup point in Bend, OR, at High Desert Veterinary or arrangements can be made to pickup in Siskiyou County.

We are shipping!!! 
Contact info@mtshastawild.com for shipping estimate based on lbs ordered and distance shipped to.
Costs about $40-$45 per 25lbs of product to ship to Portland & Seattle.
Costs about $55-$60 per 25lbs of product to ship to Bay Area, LA, San Diego.
All of our meats are flash frozen at butchering and shipped to you in insulated shipping boxes with gel packs (these are reused materials to cut down on environmental waste) & dry ice.  We hope all meats will arrive frozen but sometimes thawing happens due to weather, shipping delays or smaller orders with fewer cuts to fill up a box.  All meat should arrive at least “cool to the touch” or refrigerator temp, but hopefully still frozen! NOTE: 1-2 day delivery is always preferred to ensure everything is frozen but depending on weather  3 day is usually ok, but please be aware there may be some thawing on 3 day ship boxes!


* Hanging weight is the weight used for most beef buying plans when they need you to buy beef on the hoof to avoid USDA inspection.  I think that pricing off of hanging weight is misleading because it doesn’t reflect the pounds of meat put into your freezer & often does not include the price of cut & wrap.