We envisioned this as a fun activity for families and something to excite kids about being interactive with the time, care and process that goes into Wild Beef.


We hope to create several different levels of GeoCow:


    • Following the GeoCow in the Range Rider Blog with frequent updates and mapping of the range she and her calf have covered.     FREE!!


    • Purchase a beef in the spring and we place a GPS collar on the yearling and you get a weekly update and mapping of where it is foraging.  When possible we will send you photo of your wild beef, what it has been foraging on and where it has been watering.  In the fall we will organize the processing and you will have the satisfaction of knowing the clean happy lifestyle of your meat.    $(idea in development, please contact us with ideas or interest)


    • Same as above but have a private guided visit of our operation and range as we go together to try to physically local your Wild Beef.  Please note that if you actually want to visualize your Wild Beef on the range you must be physical fit and capable of hiking in rugged country without trails.  Otherwise we will give you a scenic tour of the summer range and get you as close as possible to the area it is foraging.      $(idea in development, please contact us with ideas or interest)

Version 3