Echoes Of The Past

January 27, 1894


Lovly day.  Andrew  came to see me. Stella is some better.


January 27, 2017


Today was warm and sunny. Cattle were fed.


There was bustle of activity in the valley:

Fish and Game here to study the decline in deer numbers, running hounds to catch, collar, and track mountain lions, and rumored sighing of a wolf.


Saw first hand the huge tracks that followed the rim rock as it passed through the ranch.  Lots of traffic up and down Redrock Road chasing hounds and wolf watching.


The freezers arrived today.


January 28, 1894


Lovly day just like spring. Andrew moved me over to Mrs Burr’s to be waited on because Stella was sick.  Maggie Boyes came to see Stella and I.


January 28, 2017


Mike fed cows and checked on the new calves. Mom & Dad left for a couple of days to spend time at the cabin in the woods.

They snowshoed into the cabin and dug the snowcat out of 5 feet of crusty snow and ice.



January 29, 1894


Stormy and cold.  Andrew went home.  Maggie called to see me on her way home.


January 30, 1884


Showers most the day.


January 30, 2017


Mike fed cows. Mom & Dad packed up the snowcat and headed out to the 6 wheeler; then loaded up the pickup and drove home.


January, 1894


Clear with cold wind.


January 31, 2017


Dad, Colin, and I fed cattle. 


Then we prepared the stock trailer and the new freezers in anticipation of delivering

the Mt. Shasta Wild beef, lamb, and hot dogs this weekend. Mom prepared a nice meal for the family for the evening… a 7 Bone Roast from the Mt. Shasta Wild beef.


February 1, 1894


Pleasant day.


February 1, 1894


Dad, Colin, and I fed cattle. 


Drove to Shasta Valley to attend Working Circle Meeting in am.


February 2, 1894


Bright sun shine but cold.


February 2, 2017


Working Circle Meeting lasted all day into thew evening.  The goal is to prevent and reduce wolf-livestock depredation by merging ranchers’ knowledge of their land, livestock, and grazing experience with large carnivore biology and behavior.


February 3, 1884


Lovly day.  Made three fun cushion. 


February 3, 2017


Mike fed cows.


Dad and I drove back to Yreka to pick up meat.  Colin & Mom staid home & took Jackie lamb for a picnic hike.


February 4, 1884


Cold south wind.  Hubert Hart called to see me.  Willis Burr’s birthday.


February 4, 2017


Stormy, snowed.  Labeled hot dogs.


February 5, 1894.


Cloudy and warm.  Finished flannel shawl.


February 5, 2017


Windy & cold.  Separated beef in quarters and consumers picked up.


February 6, 1884


Cloudy and warm.  Nothing to do and homesick as I can be.


February 7, 1884




February 7, 2017


Warm, rainy morning. Frost is going out and everywhere is muddy. Fed cattle with the pickup and trailer. Got stuck a couple of times and had to be pulled out with the New Holland. Spent the day in Yreka on business. When we returned, we found that one of the new twin lambs had disappeared. That makes two lambs in the last week. 


February 8, 1894


Cold wind and snow.  Will Burr and wife taken dinner with us.  Commenced knitting — white a skirt. 


February 9, 1894


Cold miserable day 4 inches fresh snow, Will Hart called to see me.  I am feeling quite poorly to night.